Sunday, 15 August 2010

And after a long absence ...

Hello once again from cold and wet Auckland.   These winter days have been profitable on the stitching front  and here is the completed Five Band Sampler to prove it.   This is stitched on 32 count Raw Linen with DMC Perle #8 and #12.   Can't think where I got this linen which is a nuisance as it was terrible to stitch and I don't want to repeat the error and buy that fabric again.
There was a diversion in the stitching.  I had ordered "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" from the local library and to my surprise and horror was 972 on the waiting list!!!   Fortunately they have multiple copies and after a wait of only three months it arrived on Thursday.  Guess what I have been doing since?   Friday at work I took both my morning and afternoon breaks and the full break entitlement at lunch (unheard of since I started this job) to read THE BOOK.   I read late into Friday night, most of Saturday afternoon and finally at 11pm last night completed the marathon session to finish the book.   Part way through I realised I needed to order the second book in the trilogy and am now number 574 on the waiting list for that!   If I wasn't so convinced I will only ever read these books once,  I would succumb and make another visit to Time Out Bookshop, push Lucinda the cat off the table and purchase my own copy.

I'm off now to get dinner and settle down with my next book "No Way Down" which is the closest I will ever get to climbing K2.



  1. Sounds like an interesting read. I didn't realise there are more than one. Your stitching looks beautiful. It looks like zweigart raw linen. It is lovely with the white on it. x

  2. Your sampler is gorgeous! Your stitching is so beautiful.

    I've never heard of that many people on a waiting list to read a book! I'll have to try to get a copy somewhere. It's gotta be good if you couldn't put it down and almost a 1000 people waited to read it lol.

  3. Margaret, that stitching looks amazing!It looks hard to do as well which means equally a big accomplishment!

    Oh yes, the Millennium Trilogy. I wrote about it in my last post. I was completely hooked on them and enjoyed them immensely! Have fun reading them!

  4. Congratulations Margaret on completing the sampler it looks great, you can be very proud of it.
    If the linen was purchased some time ago and is a tight weave then my guess its Belfast which a few years ago in NZ was the easiest linen to come by.

  5. Beautiful sampler Margaret!
    I think I saw that book on iTunes so it might make a good download for my forthcoming vacation!

  6. Your band sampler is beautiful. That must be a great book with that many people on the waiting list. I must add it to my list to read.

  7. Hello! Your works are so beautifyl and inspirative, thank you so much for the pleasure to watch and enjoy!