Saturday, 28 August 2010

On my travels

When making the eight hour drive to Wellington we always break the journey and stop overnight  at a small rural town called Taihape - which is "world famous in New Zealand" for the annual Gumboot Throwing Competition.   Taihape is an extremely small town but even so on last week's trip I managed to make a wrong turn but as a result found this shop.  
Obviously the ladies of Taihape are quilters not stitchers - so what else would the shop be called!  
On the right hand side of that lovely technicolour door is the quilt from which the shop derives its name.   Do you like the hairy legs and knobbly knees?!

It was fun to look through all the goodies inside and the half blind half deaf elderly Mother bought up large on knitting yarn.   My shopping was more modest -  two buttons - which I have since mailed to my sister so she could finish off the garment she had knitted.   Just how virtuous is that!   Have you finished the cardigan yet Sis?


  1. What a quirky quilt. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  2. What a funny quilt. I think New Zealander's have the same strange humour Australian's have.