Thursday, 26 August 2010

This package went to Siberia!!

Olya has let me know that her surprise package arrived safely so I can show you what I sent.
The inspiration for this package was two fold - first New Zealanders are often called Kiwis and I had collected several Kiwi bits and pieces to send; kiwi fabric, a kiwi pot holder, a kiwi towel, a kiwi memo pad, a NZ wood bookmark, NZ paua shell buttons, postcards of NZ flora and fauna and of course NZ made chocolate!   And because Olya is an embroiderer par excellence I included some thread and fabric.

 - second I found the pattern called Olya in this book and of course I had to stitch it for my friend Olya didn't I!!   You can read more details here.  Thankfully she liked the package and hopefully she enjoyed the NZ made tangerine chocolate too.  You should go check out Olya's blog - she has a great design for a Butterfly Biscornu (and for those who are afraid Google Translate helps out big time with the language problem).


  1. What a lovely package and a beautiful piece of stitching!!

  2. I'm sure she loved it. It was fabulous!

  3. Margaret! Yes These wonderful gifts are very pleased with me! Embroidered handbag you - very beautiful! I put her in a lot of drawing pencils and hung from the desktop! Your embroidery excellent quality! Thank you very much for the beautiful gifts! I am glad that I have a kiwi friend!

  4. What a wonderful package you put together!