Monday, 10 October 2011

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go....

Well, it's me again and that title really says it all.   My hostess has been asking where I want to visit next.   Apparently she will book my flight anywhere I want to go but I must have an invitation.   She said there might be visa problems if I don't have a suitable sponsor hostess.

So tonight we had the atlas out.  All those pages - some of them very dog-eared too I might add.  I wanted to suggest just sticking a pin at random into one of those multi-coloured pages but my hostess was aghast at that idea.   She flatly refused to assist me with that and suggested a blog posting instead.  
Here we go with a little post I had prepared previously....

Unaccustomed as I am to posting about myself or my travels on this blog (or indeed any other blog), I have drawn on every ounce of my courage to make this plea.   I need a place to visit.  
My requirements are few so I list them below:
1.   I need an invitation from a willing hostess.
2.   The willing hostess needs to show me the sights of her town/city of residence and agree to take photographs and post them on her blog.
3.   The willing hostess will need to fill in my passport -  I find it very difficult to hold a pen in my hands and require the services of a scribe who can read, write and speak English.
4.    The willing hostess will need to provide a postcard of her town/city of residence to help fill the pocket in my passport.
5.    The willing hostess will need to provide a small gift for me to take with me when I journey on from her place to the next.  (BRIBE here -  I will be bringing with me a gift from my current hostess)

Yes!   I have just checked with my hostess and her HDHBEM and apparently that is the total requirement.  So if any of you out there who are reading this blog, are longing to meet me in person please leave a comment on this post.   The HDHBEM said she will assist in drawing a name from "Grandma's Bowl" on 20 October and my hostess said she has my luggage ready so I can travel immediately my destination is decided.  

PS   Perhaps I should let you know my destinations of choice are (in no particular order)

Scotland (anywhere they have tartan kilts)
Wales (A photo of me with Wills and Kate would become a family heirloom)
Dublin (I hear this is in the Emerald Isle and I just love emeralds)
London (a visit to the Queen would be high on my list but I would settle for Phillip, Charles, Andrew, Edward, Sophie, Camilla, Beatrice, Eugenie,  .... OK OK you get the picture )

and to a different continent
Zanzibar (I am told the beaches there are beautiful and I didn't get much of a tan while here in Auckland)
South Africa (If those emeralds I mentioned above aren't possible well there are diamond mines here)

or perhaps
Canada (I'd love to meet one of those handsome Mounties)

well anywhere really.   I'm not fussy!

Looking forward to hearing from you.


  1. I would love to host Madame Muriel.
    I do live in the UK but not in any of the areas she mentions. East Anglia is still a very nice part of the world.
    As she is a Granny I think it would be nice for her to have some surrogate Grandchildren and I'm sure she'd love my two boys.

  2. I would love to host Madame Muriel. I live in London and can definitely show her the sights. Maybe not the Queen but I'm sure we can drum up a minor royal

  3. I would love to host Madame Muriel. I Live in South Dakota, USA and there are lots of things to see here. this really sounds fun
    Have a nice day

  4. Dear Madame Muriel,

    You would certainly be welcome to come and visit me in the Commonwealth of Virginia! I live a short distance from Washington D.C. and there are many fine places we could visit together. If monuments and museums get too tiring we could relax at Guild meetings and maybe have luncheon at Mt. Vernon? There are lots of opportunities for shopping and dining and I'm certain we'd have a lovely time.

  5. How about Germany??? I live in Stuttgart, which is in the South of Germany. But I do hope you are not allergic to cats. We have two of those. No royalty here but a lot of English speaking friends, a monthly Stitch n' Bitch and other fun things going on.

  6. Madame Muriel would certainly be welcome to visit with me. I am off to Arizona for the winter so if she would like some warmth and sunshine I can certainly show her some good times.

  7. If Madame Muriel fanices a trip to Canada, I'd be happy to find her a space for a bit. I wouldn't even make her share the guestrooom with anyone. Plus, if she's of a scientific bent, she could keep me company at work and meet lots and lots of Canadian children!