Thursday, 20 October 2011

Drum roll please - the winner is.....

Good evening all,  Madame Muriel Flat Flossie here for a very important announcement.
My stay in New Zealand with my hostess and her HDHBEM has come to a close.   My hostess has prepared my travel capsule and tonight the HDHBEM took out her special bowl for the grand drawing.
Apparently there were 7 people who wanted me to come for a visit.   How great is that!    I feel very very popular and honoured that my fame has travelled so far around the Globe.   Why, there were offers from Canada, America, Germany and the United Kingdom.   I checked to make sure that all entries were in the bowl.
Anyway, let me just tell you how honoured I was that this bowl was used.   The HDHBEM received this bowl as part of a tea set 60 years ago when she got married.  How amazing!   It's still in one piece because my hostess doesn't use it except on very special occasions.  
So I watched closely while the HDHBEM drew a paper.   I will really miss the HDHBEM -  she might be really ancient but she is so kind and her hands are sooo soft.   Must be all that knitting she does.
Anyway the result of the drawing is that I am going to visit Jo
Jo says she lives in East Anglia and my hostess got out her Road Map of Great Britain to show me.  
Can you email your postal address to my hostess please Jo, and she will ensure that I get on the correct aeroplane.    I look forward to meeting you and the boys very soon.

Many thanks to all of you who extended an invitation.   Please don't give up -  I will come to you soon

Farewell New Zealand.    Rule Britannia!!


  1. I've enjoyed following your adventures and seeing different places. See you at the next stop!

  2. Looking forward to the next stage of your journey Madame Flossie.

  3. Looking forward to East Anglian pictures, I went to school in Norfolk and got married in Norwich! Enjoy your time with Jo!

  4. We're so excited here, once I'd convinced hubby that it's not Anna's actual flesh and blood Granny coming!
    I hope she'll be happy to stay for Christmas and enjoy a typical English Christmas with us.

  5. I hope she has fun staying with you Jo. I have also enjoyed reading about her journey. If she needs somewhere to go next, i would love to have her!