Saturday, 8 October 2011

A day out at the Embroiderers Regional Day

We were both up early this morning to travel to Orewa.   Yes!   I didn't know where this was either - but it's a small beachside town about half an hours drive north of The City.   My hostess hates being late so we were early!!!   But this gave us time to go to the lookout and she kindly took a photo so I can show you the beach.   What a pity the tide's out otherwise I might have been tempted to swim.

My hostess drives a little blue Mazda car but you might be wondering how I get around to all these places she takes me.   So last night while she was preparing I suggested a photo of my 'travelling style' might allay all this curiosity.
My previous hostess found me this wonderful travelling pod.   It really protects me from too many knocks and bruises although it does rather crush my velvet skirt :-)  

My hostess says that this pod is fine for international travel but she feels it is too confining for domestic trips so she sat me in her special embroidery basket.   I was well cushioned by her "tool box" and her needle book.

Oh?  You want to see what's on that band?  So did I,  so this morning before we left I asked for another photo.   The other side is different but she said one photo was enough!   What?   So we compromised on a close up of the detail on the other side.

This regional day is for all members of the embroiderers guilds from the very Far North down to The City.  There were about 200 women there and I think I lowered the average age immediately I entered the hall. Ha ha! 

But here's proof -  all the grey hair here!  I was so pleased I kept my bonnet on and covered my own tresses.   These old greyheads ( to borrow a word from my hostess) were all looking at samples of work from each of the Guilds.   Apparently there's a lot of cross pollination in this field and many of the tutors travel from one guild to another teaching the same technique on different projects.

This lady is from the Far North and my hostess owes her a BIG obligation.   This lady was the tutor who taught my hostess how to do Kogin - look at that fantastic sample on her knee. I think this was right side up -  her work is soooo beautiful that the back is as good as the front.   Not like the work my hostess does (ha ha hee hee)  

They had a speaker too. Priscilla is an expert in Silk and she has travelled The Silk Road several times.   Today she spoke about her recent six weeks from Shanghai to Samarkand -  not only was her lecture interesting but her textile art and clothing were amazing.   Just look at this.   She made that quilt and her own jacket -  all out of silk.   I was speechless when she told us she had torn up ten and a half yards of handpainted silk into strips about quarter of an inch wide.   She then knitted all those strips into a cardigan.   For goodness sake, I thought to myself.   Hasn't the lady ever seen a yarn store?   But I loved the sweater and tried to persuade my hostess to buy it for me.   My hostess snorted!   She really did.   And after the snort she told me she didn't have that much money in her bank and if I wanted to buy it then I could pay for it.  
Anyway my hostess made good progress on her "project to carry to guild meetings" -  the first alphabet is finished.  She told me to tell you the details, so here we go -   Pochette ABCD'air; one strand of DMC 115 over one thread of Antique White 28 count Cashel Linen and the chart is from here.   (Hope I got that right)
My hostess sat next to her friend Beth today and Beth kindly took this photograph of me.  
And just so you don't worry, my hostess put the last cross in Z just as the lady in charge said "thank you all for coming.  Please take care as you drive home."    We did take care and we are home safely now.
I need to talk to you all tomorrow about my travel plans but meanwhile I'm off for some beauty sleep.   Goodnight all.


  1. Thank you for sharing the account of Regional day, since we moved I missed these days and the wonmderful time of catching up with everyone.

  2. I enjoyed my "day out" with you - the stitched band on your basket is bonnie. I've had that pattern for ages but never got round to it so it was good to see it actually stitched up.