Saturday, 15 October 2011

Needles with no eyes!

Good afternoon all.   This week has been crazy.   I think I have told you before that the HDHBEM knits childrens cardigans and sweaters for the local hospice shop.   She loves it and has great fun planning what to knit next.   We have now crossed dark wine coloured yarn off our list,  haven't we Mother?   So much reversing and so much frustration that eventually 'obedient daughter' issued an ultimatum - "you will not knit any more of that.  I will complete it."  Believe me folks, this was a very generous offer from one who does not like needles without eyes!   Anyway the garment is now finished and the HDHBEM is knitting a lovely grey marl which even her poor eyesight can manage perfectly.  Just as well:-)
I am back on my pulled thread piece. 

This chart has nine small squares of nine different pulled thread stitches.   This photo is of square three.   Look to the left a little -  can you see the "sad area"?   Squares one and two have been stitched -  and reversed!   I have decided that although numbered one and two they shall be last and second-to-last.   This chart is all in French so I am getting very good at guessing: have to be really as the last time I used French was over 40 years ago. 

Here's a bad close up photo of the successful effort.   A little pale but this was taken in the last of the daylight.  Still you can see the effect.

Today was Embroiderers' Guild meeting and I did some more work on my Pochette ABC'Dair.   All that tacking was a major test of patience but it is paying off and I know that all the pieces will line up when I come to construction.
Tonight is the first of the Rugby World Cup semi-finals.   Wales versus France.   I will not be watching but as the venue is only 5 minutes walk from my house I will hear the crowd I'm sure.   After stitching while watching Midsomer Murders I will check the internet to see who won before going to bed.   Good plan??
Just between you and me, I don't really care who wins tonight.   It's the game tomorrow night between New Zealand and Australia where I need to have New Zealand win.   Can you all cross your fingers for that please.
Well, I will talk to you later.   Good night all.


  1. Your pulled thread piece is beautiful. I had to smile when I read your comments about the knitting and "needles with no eyes".

  2. Needles with no eyes - love it!! I thought perhaps you needed to get some shots!!!
    Beautiful stitches!!
    Good luck on the rugby!!

  3. I bet you heard the crowd go crazy for the final match - I flew home just to see it at the fanzone and it was crazy! Sorry to hear about the reverse stitching but it's looking great :)