Sunday, 13 November 2011

On the home straight!

This Christmas Prism has been a long time in the making.   Too long really.   So this weekend I made a determined effort and cut the four equilateral triangles for the outer in a strong cardboard; then the four slightly smaller ones for the inner from a very stiff vilene.   Next step to lace all the pieces on to both outer and inner.  

Right that's enough -  a  break is called for.   So I finished off page one of the needlebook.   This is my "guild day" piece but I was dissatisfied with progress and wanted some visible evidence of time spent.   So one late night (in company with Hercule Poirot) and one early morning (quietly so as not to wake the HDHBEM) and page one is complete.  

Page two has the frame done and I can now stitch happily on the alphabet for this page at Embroiderers Guild this coming Saturday.   But my conscience keeps nagging 'prism prism' so back I go again.

All the inners are now stitched to the outers.   This leaves only the base to join together.   Then comes the making of yards of twisted cord to edge each prism face.   Oh dear.   Maybe next weekend for that one??  I am particularly pleased with the red silk lining.  I bought this in Japan years ago and have always enjoyed the subtle "print" of chrysanthemum, storks and other very Japanese symbols. 
The Christmas Prism is from Un Natale da Ricamore 2008  but I used DMC threads and Lugana fabric from my stash.   Note to self -  Lugana fabric is too thick and cumbersome to manipulate for 3D projects.   Do what the designer says!!
The Needlebook is an SAL I stumbled across on the internet.   You can go here for a look.   I am stitching in one thread of DMC 115 over one thread of 28 count cream Cashel Linen.  
Yesterday the HDHBEM and I went to a local shopping mall and I finally got my birthday gift -  a beautiful blue tourmaline ring.   Worth waiting for wasn't it!   I'm afraid that a morning at the mall exhausted her strength so the afternoon was spent quietly by her and in the garden by me.  All in all a relaxing weekend and I should be revived and refreshed for work tomorrow morning!!
Have a good evening everyone and remember only six weeks until Christmas!


  1. Thanks for the reminder Margaret :-)
    Your needlework is always inspiring.

  2. Your stitching looks great! Do you mind me asking What does HDHBEM stand for? (Sorry I don't understand)
    Happy Stitching

  3. Love the prism Margaret! It is absolutely beautiful.