Sunday, 6 November 2011

Belated Birthday Lunch

Yesterday we finally got to go for the Birthday Lunch - after the catastrophe on the actual day!
The HDHBEM and I went across to the north side of the harbour to a "new-for-us" Japanese restaurant.
Very nice too!
Here are snaps to prove it so.
And inside

The small chap was so cute but he went home not long after so the floor show disappeared!

Miso soup and green tea.   Somehow a paper cup wasn't quite what I expected - and a tea bag??!!  But the meal tasted wonderful and was really filling.
The HDHBEM had Prawn Tempura Lunch Box and pronounced herself totally satisfied!   I had Teriyaki Chicken Lunch Box which was delicious.
After lunch we went shopping and the HDHBEM bought herself a new jacket which she wore to church this morning. 

Nice colour -  the label says Cranberry - and I am happy it is not "old lady pink".   "When she starts choosing that pale faded old lady pink then I start looking at Residential Aged Care facilities", I tell her hoping she will understand that to be a joke but with hidden intent.   I hate pale faded old lady pink!!!!
It is now wet and raining and time to start cooking dinner.   Talk to you again soon.   Have a good evening.


  1. I'm glad to see that your mom is feeling much better and had a great day out for her belated birthday
    My mother is 88 years old and is quite active and is a master flower
    show judge.

  2. I've never had Japanese food but it looks very tempting, glad you both finally got to celebrate :-)

  3. Glad your mom is feeling better and you were finally able to have your day out together! Looks like a fun day!

  4. Glad you got to your lunch and also to see your mum looking well.

  5. Your mum is such a good sport! Glad you had a nice day out. And I agree with you on the pale faded old lady pink. Luckily your mum's new jacket is a lovely cranberry!