Friday, 10 July 2009

Sorry to have caused you worry!

I've had an email from my Japanese friend Yuko asking if I was well as there had been no posts for some days. Well here I am again - there are two reasons why you haven't heard from me. My current stitching project has a dead line of just a month from now and as its a basket band there is more and more and more of the same stitching - over one thread with one strand of floss on 28 count linen! Here's a view of the full 22.5 inches! Am I a little tired of this - Yes!
Is it turning out well - Yes!
Here's a closer up view too.
Also have a look at this - a friend brought it back from Japan for me. This is hand made by a 70 year old friend of her mothers. The tops of the little bobbles are the tops of acorns! Amazing isn't it.
And I finally found a small shop who were willing to print this photo of apple blossom on to fabric for me. I need it for my Anne of Green Gables book. I intend to embellish this with surface stitchery and beads.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend - it is supposed to be wet here.


  1. You basket band is looking great, but I can see why it can be so tedious.

    That's a lovely brooch??? I look forward to seeing your book.

  2. Busy with lots of projects as always! Thanks for checking in and showing us what you've been working on.

  3. Glad you are well and busy with stitching! Looking forward to seeing your basket and your Anne project.