Sunday, 12 July 2009

Some more progress on the Basket Band

Here I am again - the Basket Band is nearer now to completion. Only two more colours to complete and then its done. Although I will have to maintain progress I can at least see that the deadline is possible which is a great relief.
It has been freezing cold here today but I had a great time at Baci with my friend Kathy - this cafe is actually a combined cafe and bookshop so you can well imagine how time just flies by. Today while I was tempted with some of the books on the sale table Wallet didn't cooperate and I am sure I heard the word "library" whispered in my ear. But Baci is definitely on the list for a return visit - their "Magic Slice" which would be better translated "Decadent Chocolate Brownie" is a guaranteed diet buster. Kathy's birthday next month so I have been deputed to find the cafe for our next coffee date on August 9th.

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