Saturday, 25 July 2009

Another page of my Anne book and .....

I have finished another page of my Anne book - this one is supposed to look like a letter and the stamps are real - I buttonhole stitched them on with white thread. These were issued by Japan Post last year as a commemoration of 50 years since Anne of Green Gables was translated into Japanese. Only four pages to go now to finish the book but I can see that it won't be done in time for this years Guild Exhibition. Maybe next year???

Also finished this. It's to be turned in to a tin topper for .......... well you will have to wait and see, I have blanked out the initials so you won't even be able to guess :-)
Today has been a beautiful fine day here. Tonight is promised to be a chilly frost and tomorrow fine again. I love these weekends!


  1. I'm a kindred spirit - LOVE ann with an e - this is precious!!!


  2. Lovely stitching Margaret. You Anne book will be wonderful!

  3. Two great finishes, congrats. CJ ok;-)

  4. The Anne book will be amazing! We just had the tv series again on tv a while ago and I watched them all. :)