Wednesday, 29 July 2009

And a Pear

Suzanne very generously loaned me the chart to stitch The Basket Band and so when I returned it this pear found its way into the envelope. Suzanne let me know it has arrived so I can show you.

Both of us are in the "An Emblem of Love" round robin and look forward to keeping in touch through that.

I have a chocolate cake in the oven so better stop and check on that! See you again


  1. Just lovely Margaret! And chocolate cake...mmmmm!

  2. What a great "thank you" for Suzanne. Looks beautiful!

  3. Thank you again Margaret for this gorgeous little pear. My daughter loves it too. She was telling me how lovely the pear was and said 'Mummy is very lovely, but only pretend, you can't really eat this one.'