Saturday, 1 August 2009

An angelic day!

Today was our Embroiderers Guild Regional day when around 200 women got together to chat and chat and chat and chat ..... and stitch! There were also displays of work and we had several traders. While I managed to refrain from increasing stash too much I got tempted at "The Bead Hold" with these tiny bead angel kits. Aren't they cute- they are to hang off a strap on a mobile phone but I may find another use for one of them. Sorry for the fuzzy photo but they are only 20mm high and I am not a good photographer :-(
Also made a new start on the ABECEDAIRE from here I'm not too sure that these colours work together but today at Guild several "experts" told me they were great so in faith on I go!!

This is post number 199 since I started blogging so watch out for number 200 as I am planning a surprise. Yes the "half deaf half blind Mother" has agreed to oversee another draw. So watch this space.


  1. The angels are beautiful!
    And I think the Abecedaire's colours look pretty.

  2. Sweet little angels! And I like blue so the Abecedaire looks great to me!

  3. The blue colors for the Abecedaire or just lovely!