Sunday, 28 June 2009

The alphabet pages of Anne's book are finished

Yes, five of the 10 pages of my book are now complete. I am soooooo enjoying this and have been seen lurking in the childrens section of the local library as I'm re-reading the series of Anne of Green Gables books. Late last night Gilbert proposed to Anne yet again and she said yes! How romantic :-) Have you read the books and do you remember the bit where Anne broke her slate over Gilbert's head and became his sworn enemy? Well of course the S had to be slate!
And can you guess what comes in front of this word? This is the first of my self designed pages and I admit to a little trepidation over this. Well I can only try - everyone has to start somewhere.
Today the weather is wet oh so wet but only moderately cold - just the weather for sitting indoors stitching. Hope you are all having a great day too.