Thursday, 4 June 2009

Blackbird Designs Exchange

While I can't show you what I sent to my assigned partner - the mailman brought me my exchange today so I can show you that. Look at the container. A most useful plastic utility box - what a safe way to package things - and the card was real summery which is a good thing on a cold frosty day here. The only restricition in this exchange was that it had to be a Blackbird Designs chart and Jill chose the "Tulip and Star Pinkeep" chart and made a mattress pincushion which was finished so beautifully. have a look at this - real professional don't you think! Then there were the extras - lovely stitching gadgets - a strawberry pincushion, thread wax, floss tags, fancy pins a plastic box that has adjustable compartment now there will be no excuse for untidyness and some coloured needles. I have never seen these before - have a look aren't they neat. This was a real surprise to come home to. Many thanks Jill for the wonderful stitching and the great package.

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  1. What a wonderful package Jill put together for you.