Monday, 7 October 2019

Beginner efforts at DIY

I did get tradesmen in to do some work on my part eat while I was away but a small job in a wardrobe   I decided to tackle myself.
All the ingredients for this were purchased and I sailed away following the instructions given.   But I have rapidly lost confidence.

If it doesn't all go well I will call back my friendly tradie...:)   Tomorrow I need to plaster and smooth before painting.   Should be able to manage that -  everybody says I'm "just like your father" and he was an expert DIYer so I should be able to make him proud?

Wish me luck! 


  1. I do admire you, we have accepted our limitations with getting older altho' we do tackle some jobs. But anything that involves building or decorating
    we get a trades man.Good luck.

    1. Thanks Chris, I like to think that I can do smaller jobs as tradies are so expensive but I do admit to little confidence although this time everything turned out alright in the end:)

  2. I have no idea what happened to your wall there but I hope you did manage to DIY and it's all fine now.

  3. Hi Jo, some years ago a "cowboy tradie" had to come and fix a pipe going up from the apartment below through the cavity behind a wardrobe and he left a mess which I ground my teeth over but never fixed. Now I want to sell my apartment needs must and I feel quite clever at having done this. However I am much better at stitching than DIY:)

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    1. Thanks Lenore I did get it sorted out and have been able to progress with selling my place.