Friday, 9 May 2008

Stitchers Alphabet

Hi everybody, plenty of stitching this week but no photos as they are to go out as exchanges mostly. The Queen's Sweet Bag will make a reappearance after the weekend when the current creeping vine is complete. I have shed tears over this bit I assure you!
Anyway, I found this interesting and thought I might share it

The Cross Stitchers Alphabet
Attraction - fatal
Brew -makes a perfect partner
Credit Card - great sewing tool !
Design - bless the good ones
Embroidery Floss - six strand see N
Fabric - a non-fat weakness
Goodness - why did I buy that?
Happiness - indulging in craft shops
Ideas - come by the yard
Justify - no housework as I'm making an heirloom
Knot - knot knever :(
Love - cross stitching is a labour of this
Morning - already? I'll just do one more stitch
Never enough - see also C, E, F, P, Q, R, T, Y
Often- when you'd like to stitch
Peace and quiet - see N
Quality time - with your stitching
Room to sew - see N
Sanity - kept by stitching
Time to sew - see N
Universal language - "cross stitch"
Variety - a lot of projects at once
Warehouse - every stitchers back room
Xerox - naughty, naughty (but nice?)
Yarns - see N
Zealous - supporters of Cross Stitch

Have a good weekend everyone. Happy stitching.

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