Friday, 20 June 2008

New Spectacles

New Spectacles make a huge difference and once more I can see 40 count linen! Since these are for embroidery only and I don't sit in public to do that, new lenses were fitted to old frames. These frames I call my Harry Potter ones. I hate the shape but they are deep enough for the optometrist to give a deeper bi-focal so I can stitch in comfort through the lower part and enjoy the TV through the top. Best of both worlds!

Now new spectacles together with these ingredients equals what??? Well until "she who must not be named" receives it you will have to wait for the final reveal. I finished last night so the package will be in todays mail.

Also managed to start the Sakura biscornu from the last Gift of Stitching - on 28 count sparkly white lugana and using DMC #48 which Staci kindly sent in her freebie exchange package. Staci - this thread is perfect for cherry blossoms and I am enjoying stitching with your gift.

Friday today and a wet weekend is promised so I can stitch with impunity! Yeah!

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait to see your biscornu! So glad that you are enjoying the DMC~~I think the cost of it in other countries is just ridiculous!!!