Monday, 23 June 2008

Cherry Blossoms in winter!!

It was a wet weekend but despite that I managed to find cherry blossoms in winter! Well I created them actually from the Gift of Stitching June 2008 biscornu edition. Stitched in DMC #48 they turned out beautifully and I used the corner of the fabric to make a scissor fob. Also completed the stitching on Summer Quaker exchange. Hard to get too summery feeling when its wet and wintery here but I am happy with what I've done. Just needs the ...oops can't give any hints yet can I! Anyway here's a photo of the Sakura Biscornu.


  1. Pretty biscornu Margaret - gorgeous pink!

  2. Pretty! I printed this chart too - dying to stitch it!

  3. I also like this biscornu best in this magazine and am going to stitch it too.You've done a great job on it.
    The EMS sampler looks much better in person.