Monday, 16 June 2008

The pendibule is done!

Great success - the pendibule is finished. I found a picture and instructions on how to make these on the internet and although they are really simple it has taken me ages to get this finished! I used a diagonal half of a Blue Ribbon Designs freebie for the pattern, a variegated red from Needlework Necessities for the thread, and a scrap of 28 count Cashel linen from my stash. Actually finding the organza ribbon to tie it all up proved to be the biggest problem and I eventually got that at the local booksellers - it is parcel wrapping ribbon!

Also started a gift for A,B,C,D ..... I wonder who? Watch this space for a further update!


  1. the pendubile..? what is it .. i am used to cross stitching but only just started scissor keeps and recently found out about biscornus.. so i may sound like an air head lol it looks gorgeous whatever its used for lol

  2. Wow Margaret - what a beautiful pendibule - great colour