Friday, 6 June 2008

Exchange sent to Nicki

Nicki has received my package now so I'll upload a picture here of what I sent. These hardanger tassells are rather unique as they were designed by a member of an Embroiderer's Guild here in New Zealand. This is the first blue one I've done and it was a really light colour almost aquamarine. I'm so glad Nicky was pleased with it as I had read she liked Hardanger and then panicked thinking she might prefer the usual doilies and mats!

Last night the only stitching was on the Summer Quaker Exchange and I am now half way through the initial on the ..... oops can't tell you yet. I'm rather pleased with the way this is turning out - but it mught have to be put aside for a while over the weekend as I want to stitch some Christmas Humbugs for my Aunt. At least I'm going to teach her - distance learning at that - so will complete one and have two at various stages to send with the instructions and materials. I promise to post photos soon. Then The Gift of Stitching Hardanger Biscornu is calling out "me next" and I want to do the October Quaker Square from The Workbasket. Also The Queens' Sweet Bag needs some more stitches in it. So a few minutes this weekend will be spent on a stitching timetable for June. Wish me luck.


  1. Beautiful hardanger tassel - so unusual!

  2. Hi Margaret san,

    Your Hardanger Tassel is so beautiful and very unique!
    I have done some Hardanger works before, but it was quite difficult, so I admire of your beautiful finish!
    I'm sure your partner will treasure it for a long time!

  3. Oh wow, I absolutely ADORE your hardanger tassel for Nicki - what a total stunner! :D

    I really like your Christmas humbug too :)