Saturday, 2 January 2016

Peko chan and the basket

Another wet, windy wild day here in Auckland and the HD3QBEM and I were confined to quarters.   Household chores completed I sat down to read and promptly fell asleep!  There are still two days of our long holiday weekend so the time wasted can be redeemed.
Last night I finished pocket number five of "My Favourite Things Sewing Basket" and tonight while watching Doc Martin and the idiots of Port Wenn,  I plan to stitch pocket number six.   I think this basket should be renamed as none of the motifs pictured on these pockets are my favourite things although perhaps that title refers to all the needle work tools that go with the set.   I don't plan on stitching those.  
However this photo shows one of my favourite things.   When I lived in Japan I loved Peko Chan Milky sweets and have kept this tin since then - for nearly 30 years!.   For Christmas my friend Sonoko sent me the cute little key holder.   Aren't they cute?   I love them both and will keep them safe.   They have been sitting on my coffee table as the tin has special buttons in it which the HD3QBEM uses for her knitting.   A recent visitor picked up and in a very covetous tone of voice admired the tin.   No way, thought I, and promptly put it away.   However Sonoko's cute gift needs to live in its matching tin so once again it is on my table - but only temporarily:-)

Do you like the hardanger cloth?   Back in the days when the HD3QBEM could see well she stitched this for me.   I love it and it's double precious now that her sight does not permit this sort of work.  

Off to do the dinner dishes now and then to listen to the dismal weather forecast for tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful beautiful stitching my dear and the key holder is so cute...I love it so much..
    Here it's very hot.i wish for windy rainy day :)

  2. Even if not your favorite thing, it is lovely and will look wonderful when done. Your tin and key fob are darling treasures.
    Happy new year!

  3. Great work on your five pockets. So what would be on them if they were your favourite things?
    Lovely gift from Japan too.