Saturday, 23 January 2016


Today at the supermarket this charming gentleman greeted all comers.   Mr Breadhead was advertising the bakery.   And what a hot job he had.   It was 28 degrees celsius here today and around 90% humidity!  However he obliged with a photograph and a thumbs up :-)  
And that's the only thumbs up today.   I stitched together, very carefully,  the lining and the pockets for the workbasket.  Next I placed it inside the actual basket and ah woe is me!   It is ever so slightly too large.   And I had measured it twice if not three times.  
What to do?   The HD3QBEM suggests running an elastic around inside the lining and drawing it in that way.   I don't know.   Meanwhile it is pegged on while I think.   The base still needs to be constructed so I don't have to attach it all to the basket just yet.
The TV called me and I decided that I need another dose of Doc Martin and the idiots of Port Wenn.   Well, Louisa and the Doc had a happy ending so perhaps my basket will too.   We shall see how I feel about it tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful work on the basket liner. I hope you figure out a way to make it work that pleases you

  2. So sorry about your basket liner dilemma! Let
    us know how you solve that puzzle...
    As for Doc Martin - love the show!
    It is quite cold here in Georgia and we actually got a bit of snow last night.

  3. Aww sweet fellow in the market :)
    Love your pretty basket
    Sweet hugs x

  4. Oh no, could you get a slightly larger basket? I do hope you find a solution after all your hard work.
    Speaking of hard work, I'm so glad I have never had to be a mascot as a job!