Thursday, 28 January 2016

Time to feed the tin

Some years ago I read on Gill's blog about how she saved small amounts in tins for extras such as holidays, birthday gifts etc.   At that time I started saving $1 a day in a tin.   I didn't really miss $1 a day.  When going on annual holiday this was my "luxury" money and over time has bought me some great necessities - a great pair of boots, a very useful cardigan and another time, a most comfortable pair of sandals.  I'm not a great lover of shopping but I do wander the shops when on holiday:-)
Great result but I didn't like the original tin.   And one day at the local charity shop I found a $2 bargain -  a Harrod's money box tin.
So once a month on the last payday of the month I deposit the $1 a day for that month. My next holiday, brief though it will be, is planned for September and I wonder what luxury-necessity I will find then?  It was pay day yesterday so I'm off to feed the tin.

PS can you see the mishap that occurred when cutting out my hardanger runner?  I plan to replace that runner this year and will be more careful when cutting the edge :-(


  1. It's such a great idea :)
    The tin is so cute too ❤️

  2. LOVE the idea - and love the tin!

  3. It's many years since I visited Harrods Margaret, you can visit it when you come to the UK if you stop off in London. Your saved pennies would come in handy:-)

  4. great idea and love the tin.