Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Favourite colours

Many years ago when living in Japan I was an avid watcher of the programme "Hyaku Nin Ni Kikimashita".  
A quiz programme with a difference, each question involved asking 100 people the answer to trivial questions.   The answers given by programme contestants were only counted for points if they were in the list given by the unknown 100.   Well, that explanation sounds like gobbledegook doesn't it!

But my question is,  if you asked 100 women what their favourite colour is what would be the top five answers?
Here's a clue, neither orange nor yellow are in the top five!
Here's another clue,
Yes.  The top choice is blue, followed by purple, green, red and pink.  
No prizes available but I am happy to know so many other women share my love of blue :-)


  1. Nice colour, it can be so versatile!

  2. Yup sweet color..I love blue too x

  3. I also like blue.
    We had a version of that show in England called Family Fortunes because the teams were all members of the same family.
    My team leader had been on the show when he was younger and one year as a surprise our manager got hold of a copy of the tape and showed it to us after pretending it was a training video! Everyone was in on the joke except the team leader. It was very funny!