Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Today's defeats began early when I was defeated by the hot humid night and woke at 4am instead of 6am.  I suppose that could be classified as a victory over the alarm clock.
Then the weather defeated our office air conditioning system.   Excessive humidity and hot temperatures could not be controlled and to some extent, nor could the staff who got progressively more irritable.
Human kindness all but defeated me as I was pulled every which way with requests from all and sundry to do this, that or the other.   I did admit defeat, to myself, when the umpteenth person said, "I'm really busy so could you do this"!!!
The traffic defeated me this evening returning home.   Despite leaving 15 minutes early I took 30 minutes longer to get home.  Why can't those with whom I have to share the road realise that they are not driving in Delhi, Hong Kong, Taipei!  
And finally I admitted defeat on the stitching front and instead of picking up a needle and continuing on with the two all-but-completed projects, I went looking at my stash of charts and found this.  
Stitched in the same threads as the thimblepod,  I already have the floss to hand.   My fabric stash is only a step away.  I like creating objects like this.   Don't the birds look gorgeous?   So shall the Noddy tote bag be next or shall I start this?  Rather than admit yet another defeat, I shall keep this for "after-Noddy".


  1. Very pretty Betsy Morgan design - I have this in my stash somewhere as well.
    hope your bloodshot eye is getting better.

  2. You've had a tough couple of days. I would have admitted heat defeat earlier and gone home for the day, I think. I hope your eye is getting better.
    I love this set and the magazine it's in. I do have this issue but can't seem to find new ones.

  3. I hope your eye is getting better..
    It's a very pretty design.
    Big hugs x

  4. So sorry to hear about your crummy day. The design looks so pretty. P.S. How's your eye?

  5. I have that pattern too. Must complete a few others before I start another :) Happy Stitching.

  6. I have this in my stash too. Of course it's in line with many others. A close friend has stitched it and its really lovely