Sunday, 31 January 2016


This afternoon Kathy and I met up at Olaf's to exchange Christmas gifts.   Both of us were too busy at the correct time, so like my Christmas lilies, we were a month late!   But we had lots of time to sit and have a great chat, catching up on holidays, books read and plans for the coming year.  Great.
Olaf's was originally set up by a local man of German descent and the breads and cakes had a distinctly European flavour.   Today Kathy and I decided that Olaf must have sold his business and the new owners have retained the name only.   There is a distinctly Indian sub-continent feel to both the waiting staff and the goodies on offer which were nothing like this photo taken in times past:-(
Perhaps next time we will try the new cafe on the opposite corner and see what Jones The Grocer has to offer.


  1. Oh that's disappointing when you go expecting one thing and get another due to change.
    We got up to snow yesterday morning when we went to Edinburgh and then by the time we got home it had gone.
    It then snowed again throughout the day, mixed with hailstones but today we're back to no snow again.
    We're due to be hit by storm Henry tomorrow so we'll see what that brings:-)

  2. It's so beautiful
    Glad you had fun time x

  3. What a shame "your" place has changed. Indian food is great but not when you're expecting German!
    At least if gives you a chance to try somewhere new next time.