Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Red eye etc

Is it too much stitching?  Too much work?  Too much reading late at night? Or is it just too much altogether?    I don't know, but on Sunday morning I woke up and one of my blue eyes had gone all patriotic.  
Well, to be totally accurate the white had turned red.   A quick investigation means I have not gone to the real doctor as Dr Google reports that it will go away in time and only if the blue gets invaded by red is there a problem.   So far the red has only defeated the white and the blue is standing firm so all is well.....I think.
Anyway, it hasn't stopped me reading or stitching.   What has stopped progress on the stitching is the level of assistance required for the HD3QBEM's current knitting project.  
She is knitting for the great granddaughter, hence a slightly more complex pattern.   Unfortunately fingertip sensitivity is no substitute for good sight in the knitting field and I have reversed out of several crises for her.
Tonight I hope to go back to a small silver needle with an eye and continue to finish The Basket so there could be a progress report tomorrow.


  1. ooo - OUCH! Hope you eye gets better soon.

  2. Ouch, i hope your eye is better soon x

  3. Oh dear..I hope your eye feel better soon.

  4. Oh dear, hope it's nothing serious. It looks painful, hope it isn't.