Sunday, 3 January 2016

Flowers and figures

Last night I chortled over Doc Martin and his antics in Port Wenn while diligently stitching on pocket six of the workbasket liner.   Only the birdcages to go at the top tonight.  I love the squirrels but the square flower looks decidedly unnatural.
Today I did the maths to figure out that over the last two years I have reduced my weekly food bill by $43 a week.   Yes, I am one of those nerds who keep a record of every cent I spend and categorise all expenses.   When I started my new job last year, the substantial drop in salary prompted me to change supermarkets and just last year alone that choice enabled me to save $28 a week.   According to NZ statistics food prices increased by 2.3% over the past two years which means that my 23% savings don't look too shabby.
I wonder to myself if it will be possible to make any substantial reductions this year? So far my techniques have been monthly meal planning, cook from scratch and change supplier.   What could I do next?

Well actually I am off to cook dinner:-)



  1. I am the exact opposite of you, and have so much trouble sticking to exact budgets or keeping exact track of anything! $43 dollars a week is quite a savings though each week.

  2. Your block is lovely! That's an amazing savings you had from your changes. Good for you!

  3. Lovely stitching!
    You could try flyer comparisons and couponing? I know people that have had pretty good success with it.

  4. Very pretty. I budget and count every cent. Have to really xx

  5. Congratulations on your food savings! I agree
    that cooking from scratch is not only the biggest money saver but tastes a whole lot better! I try to buy the things I know that I will use when it is on sale and stock up.
    I also cook large amounts and freeze - soups,
    stews, casseroles, etc. When I come home from work and just don't feel like cooking,
    I can get something out of the freezer.
    Let us know how you continue to make a good savings.
    By the way, we love Doc Martin! He's a hoot,
    as we say here.
    Happy New Year to you & your Mom!