Saturday, 9 January 2016

Off to Toyland

Today has been  a long day with an early start to make sure I completed the list

Baking - done 
Cleaning - done
Bathrooms - done
Ironing - done
Shopping - done
The HD3QBEM's chores at chemist -  done
Library - books returned and new books chosen
Stitching - work basket stitching finished, new project started
Now while enjoying Doc Martin  I have sorted out threads and linen to start my next project - A  Noddy in Toyland tote bag.   I'm using up a leftover piece of Cork linen in a rich cream shade and using DMC floss.  
And once again I am itching to do a piece of hardanger.   Guess what section of my stash I will be delving into tomorrow?   I plan on having a hardanger runner as my next project.


  1. The bright colours of Noddy will be a nice congrats to the hardanger. Looking forward to both projects.

  2. Aww sound like a perfect day
    Happy stitching x

  3. What a checked off to-do list! Give yourself the dynamo badge award....enjoy
    Doc Martin and the hardanger project.....