Monday, 4 January 2016

Last day of holidays

Today is the last day of our public holidays.   Oh dear, back to work tomorrow.   
However on the bright side I did manage to cross all the items off my to-do list.
No stitching yet -today it was all sewing and my new dress is now complete.    Looking at this picture I think a black belt will be better.  
I'm off to do the dinner dishes and then finish stitching the base of the lining for My Favourite Things Sewing Basket.


  1. It's a beautiful dress
    I love it xx

  2. Nice dress Margaret. Another week and a half for me of holiday time. Hope I can tick a few more bits off my list. Enjoy your day tomorrow

  3. Or a red one? Well done, how satisfying, Margaret, with the list. We had a list which mostly got done before the World Traveller disappeared off to Europe on New Year's Day.