Friday, 22 January 2016

False Pretences

At Christmas we were given far too many boxes of chocolates, including this one, full of hazelnut flavoured truffles.  Full?   I don't think so.  Do read on....
The HD3QBEM has been carefully eating one a day (I may or may not have helped out a little) and this evening we finished off the last two.   Imagine my surprise when this was revealed.....
The hazelnut truffles were cradled in this plastic bath shaped container which cunningly raised the base of the box by around 1.5cm.   Deceiving isn't it?   I had thought the box full and no doubt my nephew and his wife thought the box full when they sent it to us.   False pretences:-(   But we thoroughly enjoyed the chocolates Graeme and Tabitha.  Thank you very much.


  1. So many businesses do this now. It's a shame because they assume we are stupid, and it just looses them customers in the long run!