Friday, 1 January 2016

In times past...

Happy New Year.   Last year blog posts were a little erratic but as today marks the season of resolutions I am back with fresh determination.   The trivia of my life shall be recorded:-)

Nearly sixty years ago I was given these small china ornaments.   They have survived childhood caressing and bear the cracks to prove it.   I loved the stories of Noddy and Big Ears and my books fell to pieces and have long since gone in the rubbish.   But these two figures still have a place in my cabinet.
At Christmas Little Sister sent me a surprise...Thank you very much Little Sister.
Twenty first century solid plastic equivalents and now PC Plod has joined me.   He was great wasn't he?.   When his stress levels rose "the steam came out from under his helmet".   Most days at work I think about PC Plod!!  
My enthusiasm for this childhood favourite has never waned and this year my cross stitch charts of Noddy and friends + quilting fabric of Noddy in Toyland + a strip of afghan fabric will = a child's book bag.   I shall also search the local independent bookstore to see if these classics are still in print.  My great nieces too shall learn to love Noddy, Big Ears and PC Plod!
Today my stitching involved not a tapestry needle and DMC floss, but rather an Elna sewing machine and Gutermann thread.   A new summer dress is almost completed and hopefully tomorrow the hem will be done.
This evening I stitched a little more on "My Favourite Things Sewing Basket" and learnt how to make colonial knots.   So much better than french knots as they are easier to place precisely.  I am now firm friends with this new stitch.
All in all a good day - even though it was wet and not so warm.
Good night for now.


  1. Happy New Year Margaret, your photos of Noddy took me back so many years. Don´t remember so well PC Plod and Big Ears.

  2. I love Noddy!! They are still in print but were made politically correct a few years ago.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Had a lot of Noddy books as a child myself. They were good reads. Not sure if they are still in print, the characters became a bit controversial at one time. All a bit ott I thought

  4. Thanks for the tip on the colonial knot. I found a YouTube instruction and it indeed looks easier and neater. Happy New Year Margaret!

  5. Noddy is indeed still in print! But as Shebafudge says they have been made suitable for modern readers. Enid Blyton really did have some strange views which are no longer acceptable!
    Here's a link to the shop where I work so you can see the range -