Sunday, 24 January 2016

Its a scorcher here

Currently our living room is hot, very hot.   Around 35 degrees celsius.   I would really appreciate just some of the snow on the east coast of the USA!
It is too hot to stitch.   It is too hot to read.   It is too hot to do anything and it is certainly too hot to cook!
Yesterday I got up very early and did my necessary baking in the cool of the early morning.   My brain must have been still asleep.   Does this photo prove that?
I forgot the time and left one tray in the oven too long.  Oh dear.   What it doesn't show is that I left out the baking powder:-(  However they still taste quite delicious and the HD3QBEM assures me she will eat them with her morning and afternoon tea!


  1. The blizzard in the US is where we used to live! In Hokkaido we don't blink at getting that much snow, but that area is not accustomed to getting that amount of snow. I hope things cool off for you soon.

  2. Same here in Michigan, we are better able to deal with it, and, not so many people! Oh dear, I've made temporary memory loss biscuits too, lol, but as your mum says, they will still be good!

    Sorry about the heat, very enervating, is air conditioning usual there, or is that amount of heat unusual?

  3. Oops forgot to say, I was staying in DC for the first snowmageddon and saw first hand how everything stopped. People didn't even own snow shovels so of course the shops soon sold out. Also, driving in snow when you are not used to it would not be fun!

  4. I have those days as well. I try to bake a couple of things on my days off and some days I shouldn't even bother lol. But my dear family will never tell me how bad it is and try to eat it anyways. I usually find out as soon as I take a bite lol.