Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Preparation are underway

The cheque is written, the holidays are booked, the tutor fee is in its envelope and the floss is purchased.  
What for, you say?
In mid-March I am going to do a class with Alison Snepp and I am soooo looking forward to that.  A whole two day class to enjoy a great tutor and learn a great new project.   I hope mine turns out looking like this sample.
The variegated thread is a Gloriana Silk which my LNS has had to order in.   Stephen promises it will be here in a week.   Should that not come to pass,  I will still have enough time to order on line so all is well.
Oooh, I am looking forward to this class.   It is to be a Tuesday and Wednesday so I have taken the Thursday and Friday of that week as annual leave too and promised the HD3QBEM a day out and a day shopping.   We might go exploring for new yarn stores:-)


  1. Wow it's so beautiful..
    Enjoy your class..big hugs x

  2. I want to go too! It looks like a wonderful project and it's sure to be a nice trip.

  3. How beauiful. Lucky you getting to go to a class. I hope you enjoy it. Sounds like you are all ready!

  4. This is beautiful--can't wait to see the insides! Have fun!!!

  5. Looks like a lovely project and you get a weekend away too! Definitely a winner.

  6. I am just so envious of you being able to take this class. I did write to Alison to see if I could buy the chart/kit as I live in the UK but I never heard back from her. Have fun.