Thursday, 7 January 2016

The Queen and I ...

Last year one of my neighbours, Brian, went on an extended tour of Italy and Spain but finished up with a week in London.   During his absence I collected mail from his mail box and made several trips to the depot for the large, heavy boxes of books sent by courier from exotic locations such as Barcelona and Genoa.   Brian sure collects a lot of books!
Anyway at Christmas he presented me with this beautiful tin which he told me contains the Queen's favourite biscuits.   Well, I don't know whether or not that is true, but if so, then the Queen and I have a lot in common :-)
The "hole" is because my exceedingly royalist HD3QBEM has already sampled the goodies.   I am trying to say goodbye to the kilo of weight I received as a Christmas gift!
The HD3QBEM may eat the cookies but I will be snaffling the tin.   I love tins and apart from its royal connection this is such a useful size.


  1. The cookies look fabulous and the tin will be very useful!

  2. Oh me too, Margaret! That one is special! Mm, can sympathise with the kilo, there are 3.4lbs lurking over here in Michigan, which need to be gone, so I am back on track at WW. Enjoyed every meal and glass of wine though, so no regrets!

  3. Beautiful tin and yummy cookies xx

  4. What a nice, yummy gift!

  5. Nice biscuit tin! Exhaustive research has revealed that the Queen has tea and biscuits every afternoon when she is at home but most of the biscuits go to the corgis! Which is why she stays so slim.
    She does love a certain chocolate biscuit cake, the recipe of which can be found online.
    With love from your Royal Correspondent!