Sunday, 27 March 2016

Wounded in action

Tonight I had an altercation with a sharp knife and the knife won!
So no stitching tonight.   I will have to continue with my knitting if I can.
This afternoon the HD3QBEM and I counted, labelled and packed her knitting for the year and next Saturday we will deliver it to the Hospice Shop.  27 is this year's count.   I am really proud of her as her vision is fading and there has been a lot more unraveling and re-knitting this year.  
Don't they look colourful?


  1. Great selection of hospice knitting.
    Hope your fingers are better soon.

  2. Not one but two fingers? Ouch! Feel better.

    You mum should be very proud of her work.

  3. Ow! That made my toes curl up.

    Wonderful knitting for the hospice again this year.

  4. Wonderful, colorful gifts of love. Hope your fingers heal quickly!

  5. Once again I'm amazed by your mum's accomplishments. Well done to both of you.

  6. That sounds like something I would do. Speedy get well wishes. And look at your mum go! I hope I'm still contributing when I'm half deaf and three quarters blind!