Thursday, 17 March 2016

A day out

Today the HD3QBEM and I had a day out.   Most of the morning was taken up with errands but once those were out of the way we drove about 30 minutes north of the city to the small village of Puhoi.   Settled in the 1880's by immigrants from Bohemia (now the Czech republic) this little village is "world famous in New Zealand" both for its Bohemian heritage and for its cheese.
However we went on our day out and ate no cheese and indulged in no culture.   Instead we went to the Puhoi General Store and had fish and chips.   As we unwrapped the newspaper and with greasy fingers ate the delicious hot meal, we wondered how long it has been since we ate fish and chips.   Eventually the HD3QBEM's superior memory calculated that it was at least 14 years ago!   Can this be accurately described as a treat?
(Apologies-  photos from the internet today as I didn't take my camera)

Anyway, I have since planted plenty of Spring bulbs (freesias and daffodils) in my pots and tonight it is gently raining so they will be happy even if I am not.

I'm off to do the dinner dishes and pick up my needle.   Some more hardanger I think.   My plan is to finish half the runner and then put it away for a rest while I stitch something else.  Yes!  The next project has been chosen but it is small and will not take too long -  a gift for a June birthday.


  1. Fish and chips, when eaten occasiosnally, is really a treat! You just need to wash your fingers thoroughly before you get on with your embroidery!

  2. I think it is definitely a treat! We don't have chipshop fish and chips very much at all, they are so expensive now! We have Capt Birdseye's instead.