Thursday, 3 March 2016

And Big Ears has....a hat!

Thanks to an episode of Masterchef Australia on the TV, Big Ears has his hat and his ears.
He's coming together quickly and I am so pleased.  
Now another project can be pondered over and decided on.   Perhaps by Easter I might have this project done and be able to start another.   We get a four day weekend holiday for Easter so I will surely find time for stitching up the bag as well as for searching for another project?
And tomorrow is Friday which is always a bonus.  Today marks one year since I started my job at the Department of Corrections and in many ways it has been a long year.   But I am another year closer to retirement and my long-hoped-for trip to the UK.   And that reminds me I still have to complete my trip book.  Perhaps that should be my next project?


  1. This little guy is adorable. Love his bright colours. Have fun stitching up the bag. :) Congrats on one year at your new job! Every year closer to retirement is reason to celebrate. :)

  2. Great work on Big Ears and his hat.
    It seems like only last week you started your "new" job!