Monday, 7 March 2016

And so it's back to the diamonds

On 15th March I have an Embroidery Class and I'm unwilling to start a new piece before then.  So tonight it was back to the diamonds.   Having made the decision to leave the filling stitches until the very end, I have the unpleasurable task of 14 times foundation klosters.   Four are now done and all have met up perfectly with only minimal reverse stitching.
This afternoon I had some time off work (time in lieu) so sorted out some scraps of linen and tacked out one hexagon.  
I'm thinking of using toning linens and one quilting cotton for the bindings and lining.   My idea was to make this a sampler with each hexagon a different stitch but I have been looking through my hardanger books and think I will do them all in hardanger with different filling stitched.   There are another five hexagons to tack out yet so I have plenty of time to think and plan.


  1. Your hardanger is always so beautiful.

  2. Beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your design as it comes together.

  3. Margaret, I have been reading your blog for 'years' now and I have seen you mention about
    going to England - is this after you retire?
    Please expand on where you will be visiting,
    what you would like to see and are you going
    on your own or a tour? I would love to go
    to Britain but I don't see that happening
    any time soon!! I continue to wish you and your Mom well. Many blessings.....