Friday, 18 March 2016

Back to the future

Back in the pre-blog days (2006) I knitted a cardigan in a complicated lace and cable pattern.   It was such a complicated pattern and caused so many grey hairs that once completed I had a ceremonial burning of the original pattern.
Over the years I wore the cardigan but then I lost a lot of weight and the cardigan did not shrink with me so it languished in my camphorwood chest.
Late last year I decided to unravel the cardigan and recycle the wool, a beautiful 4 ply crepe.  And then, guess what, I found a photocopy of the original pattern.  And yes!   I have decided to reknit this garment in my current size.   Don't be fooled by the description easy -  this is not a knit for the fainthearted.   But I liked the style and the colour and so....

With the cooler temperatures on their way, knitting will be a great way to keep my fingers agile and my lap warm!


  1. It's a beautiful pattern, I can see why it gave you some issues as there is a lot going on in it. You have so much patience Margaret.

  2. You are a sucker for punishment! But it is a lovely cardigan so it will be worth the anguish. Or maybe it will be really straightforward this time because your skills have increased?