Thursday, 10 March 2016

Dramatic events - chez nous

Tonight we have had visitors.  They came in this limousine.
Yes!   The HD3QBEM has been in an accident.  Somehow she managed to pierce her lower right leg with a knitting needle.   A 4mm one at that!   Her anti-coagulation medication made the flow of blood difficult to staunch so we called 111 and the paramedics came and attended to her.
And after they had gone I scrubbed the carpet and applied an initial dressing of carpet shampoo.  

Enough drama for one night.   I will now do the dinner dishes and get the HD3QBEM to bed.


  1. I hope she will be okay! How scary.

  2. Oh Margaret, not the kind of visitors you want. I hope your mum is feeling just fine today - a size 4mm isn't exactly skinny!

  3. Oh my, sending hugs, glad you were there, Margaret.

  4. Oh, poor Mum. I hope they looked after her well and have patched her up nicely.
    You will be inspecting any stitching carefully I'm sure.

  5. Oh dear, but accidents like that do happen. I once stuck a straight pin into my arm when lying on a quilt top I was trying to straighten on the floor. I'd just made the decision between going to bed or making a cup of tea and keeping on quilting. Obviously quilting after midnight was a bad choice for me! A trip to the ER I never forgot. Hope Mom is all better and I just hate it too when I am one stitch out in cross stitch. If I can I usually hide it. (Perhaps I shouldn't admit that!)

  6. Oh my - I hope your mum is doing well. That must have been some force to get a knitting k=needle in her leg! OUCH!