Tuesday, 15 March 2016

A great class Part 1

I feel like I have been stitching all day!
The class was held at this Community Centre -  a hundred year old School Building which has been refurbished and is in use for everything from embroidery to Scottish Country Dancing and yoga.   The rooms had enormously high ceilings and large windows so we were flooded with light.   My photo doesn't really do that justice but you get the idea?
The project is counted work so I'm very happy and feel as if I have made great strides.   We stitched from 9:30 until 4pm and since coming home I have been busy and now have only a couple of rows of cross stitches to do and my homework is complete.
Tomorrow we add flowers, button loop, and a linen button which we make ourselves.

So on that happy note...


  1. What a great start Margaret, it looks like you very much enjoyed your day.
    Great place to stitch and learn.

  2. I'm impressed with how much you have done in a day! Looks like a great class.

  3. How lovely that they rethought the use for the building and didn't bring in the wrecking ball! Hope the second day goes as well as the first, Margaret. I think you deserve this class!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed that Alison Snepp class which a took a few years ago when she was visiting London. My etui was done in different colours, but has the same stitches. Enjoy the second day!

  5. What a lovely light-filled room to spend the day in. No wonder you made such great progress on your design.