Sunday, 6 March 2016

Lenten Lilies

Flowers do not have a good time clock.   Easter is 'early' this year but the Lenten Lilies in our garden are earlier still!
Judging by the number of buds and the fact that there are plenty of buds on all the other plants in the garden we should be able to enjoy these right up until Easter.
But there is something amiss.   I have freesia bulbs ready to plant this week to supplement those already 'dormant' in my pots.   And what do I see today?   Freesia leaves.  Those pesky dormant bulbs are already active and Spring is still a whole two seasons away.   Just as well I am only an imitation gardener;-)
Tonight I have Antiques Road Show, Unforgotten and Elementary to keep me company as I stitch diamonds on my hardanger.   Noddy and  Big Ears are sleeping, awaiting their construction into a bag.   The UK trip book is at the stage where I need to research how to stitch the multiple signatures (paper pages) onto the fabric spine before I complete the book.   So it is back to my faithful friend, hardanger.