Friday, 25 March 2016

It has been a good Friday

Today the sun came out as well as the sewing machine.   Our dismal weatherman forecast rain but he was wrong :-)
Anyway Noddy and Big Ears now have a bag.
The HD3QBEM and I had some discussion over this as I favoured a standard tote shape but she with experience of two daughters was adamant that this was better.
So I put a wide gusset/base strip around the squares and now it is finished I like it.   The bag is fully lined with the same colourful fabric.
I have another finish too but that is for tomorrow.
Also a bonus-  while finishing this and looking through fabric stash I found two pieces that Little Sister will love.   A quick scurry for an envelope and they will go in tomorrow's mail.   Look out for a package Little Sis.


  1. A fantastic finish Margaret, I think your mum was right in her choice.
    I saw the result of the flag vote:-)

  2. I love this bag! It is so bright and cheerful. :)

  3. The bag looks great like that, you can see more of the lovely cartoon fabric down the sides.

  4. Lovely, your mum was right! Mm, flag vote, happy?

  5. The bag is great. It looks as if it has plenty of room.