Saturday, 5 March 2016

Today's travels

The HD3QBEM and I went to Daruma Sushi-Go-Round today and had a lovely time.   We are regulars there and the staff are lovely and make sure the HD3QBEM gets super service and we always enjoy the food.

Then it was home to chores which are not so enjoyable.
But tonight I finished Big Ears.  Did you hear the happy dance??
And I hauled out this piece and laced into onto acid free card.   I plan on making a  little book with pockets and pages to take with me on my trip.   Nothing like being prepared in advance!   The fabric box produced this piece of cotton in a suitable green for the back,the lining and the spine.  I think I even have a length of red ribbon suitable for tie closure so this project could soon be a finish-finish.
Just as well as I have had inspiration for a hexagon box.
Dr Google, that fount of all knowledge, came up with this result of my search and it is just what I want.  No way will my hexagon box be of patchwork cotton.   I shall embroider the central hexagon of the pieces for my box.   I'm thinking a sampler box with a different technique for each piece.   All I know is that I am well ready for a finer count linen and a smaller size needle.   Noddy and Big Ears were stitched on 20 count Cork linen with what seemed like a bodkin for the needle.  It is back to 32 count Belfast linen and good old John James #28 tapestry needles next.


  1. Love the book cover....gorgeous. I need to check in with Dr. Google for the hexagon box. Looks intriguing.

  2. The box is a very clever design. Your four nations piece looks so good, taking it with you is a great idea.

  3. Beautiful piece of stitch work. The box is gorgeous . Sunny greetings from New Orleans, Alice

  4. I have the kit for that hexagon box in my stash. It's by Sara Guermani, an Italian designer. She sells on Etsy.

  5. Hooray for the end of Big Ears! The hexie box is very sweet. I made an octagonal box last year, that was a challenge!
    Love your book cover, is it a Sheena Rogers design?