Saturday, 26 March 2016

The Flag Debate

According to all who know far more than I, the people have spoken resoundingly and by 57% to 43% the vote was to keep the current flag.  Whether or not that is resounding I cannot say.   However, what is amazing is that there was a 67% turn out of eligible voters.   Far more than for a general election.   Does that mean the citizens of New Zealand have more interest in their flag than their politicians?
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Anyway, after a referendum costing $26 million we will retain the current flag and there is no necessity to incur further cost in changing letterheads etc.   Now that too has my vote!

Alas, this doomed idea of a flag change has divided public opinion and once again raised debate on whether we should become a republic rather than a dominion.   Not in my life time, I say.

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  1. $26 million to debate a flag? What price democracy? It's amazing how much people really do care about their symbols.
    Personally I prefer the current flag, I wasn't sure about the white feather in the corner which turned out to be a fern?
    Very hard to represent in cross stitch anyway.