Saturday, 12 March 2016

Update on florentine bag

Bored with my hardanger, tonight I pulled out my florentine bag.   Rhythmic stitching is great while watching detective stories on the TV.   I seem to be able to manage to guess Who Dunnit while counting to four!
Anyway here's progress.  My quandary now is do I have upward or downward bows?
Thank you to all who sent good wishes for the HD3QBEM.   We went to the medical centre today and a very nice young Filipino nurse called Girlie, removed the dressing, called the doctor to look at the wound and then bound it all up again.   One tetanus shot later and with the whole morning used up in the doctor's waiting room and the nurses office, we came home.  The HD3QBEM has done as she was told and kept her foot elevated today.  She is perky and enjoyed a treat of a spicy Hot Cross Bun and a chocolate Easter Egg.   So life is normal!?!?


  1. Oh my Margaret, how countries differ in their approach to medical treatment.
    If you had brought your mum to the desk I work at she would have seen the treatment room sister I work with and she would have been in and out in fifteen minutes. I'm always amazed at how different all the countries are in their approach to this sort of care.
    I'm glad all is well with your mum, I hope it heals nicely.

  2. The florentine looks lovely. I like downwards as in the photo, they look like smiles!
    Glad Mum is feeling better and eating well too.

  3. So happy to hear your mum is obeying the MD and recovering nicely. Beautiful stitching. I love the colors.

  4. Lovely stitching!
    Glad to hear your Mum is doing better.

  5. definitely as per your photo for the bows. love your colour choices!

  6. I love this project! Glad your mom is feeling perky as she heals.