Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Year of the Monkey

For the past couple of nights we have been kept awake by fireworks in a nearby park as the Chinese Community celebrate the New Year -  The Year of the Monkey
While sleepless last night I remembered that I too had monkeys.... three wise ones in fact.
These were Great Grandmother's and look like they could do with a good polish!   Where Old Gran got them from I do not know but there is an Indian inscription and the word England on the bottom.

So today it is New Year Greetings from "Speak No Evil, See No Evil and Hear No Evil"


  1. My parent had a little ornament just like this on their mantel piece when I was a kid, I wonder what happened to it? Hope you received my email the other day about the charts.

  2. My parents too have an almost identical set of monkeys.